It was an honest mistake.


Tomorrow is the day of glory.

New school tomorrow,I can't wait to step into the fray and win the war,sir! I gotta keep myself calm,no way I'm going to screw up another attempt at a new lease of life,I gotta behave well,I gotta win their hearts and mind,I just got to stay focus! Focus is key! I gotta motivate myself,no more screwing up! No more fucked up people entering your life,Bobby! Got that?

Cry havoc! And let lose the dogs of war!
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Catching up

I look at myself and see a pile of disorganized crap ready to be flushed back to the stoneage. There are alot of things I haven't got the courage,the dedication and simply the responsibility to do so,I'm really tired at the things happening around me,there are too many times I feel neglected and dissapointed at the things people failed to achieve for me.At first,I thought it was a good idea to love Andy Lim,indeed it was,until I met his mother. [+56 Shock]

Honestly I regret loving Andy,as far as I know,the 1 year and 3 months has been really hectic for us,we never got the chance to see each other,and we almost broke up because of it,sometimes I even think we got some bad juju brewing inside of me.No matter how hard we tries to plan it,it always ends up deep inside a Punji pit. I've provided everything necessary,shelter,food and even some presents for her mom to ease her concerns,but it all fails,his mom refuses to let her son take a 40 bucks train ride to KL and have three days of fun. But something as simple as that cannot work. Furthermore chances like this hardly comes around. [+10 Dissapointment]

I've been given advices from a counsellor of mine,she told me that it was best to solve things that are tiny before it can reach out and expand till it's the size of the universe,ready to gowb me anytime and it will soon. [+25 Worries]

I really miss my friends who are frequently on Yahoo,MSN and AIM,nowadays I never seen them at all,I do miss them but sometimes I feel like after we get together,there's not alot things to talk about and we again become stranger like our first meet.It's seriously a heartbreaking moment to see this,something we really work hard for in the past,trying to gain each other's trust and confidence,putting our shoulders together to work for a better relationship and it all breaks down now. It's so far away from that goal,it seems like it was the Thirty Year's War now,so far behind and no more personal experiences on it,only the history passed down by words. [+20 Sadness and Loneliness]

Whatever sort of things that I tried to fight for which is good in any way,people tend to overlook it and strike me down hard on the ground because they figure that it's really wrong,in short,anything that is good is bad and vice versa.I defended a friend from a senseless,immoral and completely idiotic verbal abuse,I defended him to the depths of hell itself,but I get no thanks,no assistance and no moral support,I got struck down badly,I was shunned,I was ignored,I was cursed. [+55 Loneliness] [1/4 Life Broken]

 I hardly read anything nowadays,I never catch up on my vocabulary and in fact,I've beginning to just sink back into my old self.My old illiterate self. Immaturity can rise any seconds cause of that.I guess I just got to catch up on the reading and learning. [+3.5 Redneck Syndrome]

Everywhere I see,I tend to see someone I hate on the internet,and he's spreading his presence almost everywhere,everyone and everything. I remember I told myself to ignore him,to calm down or to negotiate peace with this fellow. But alas, he had issues,indeed he had some,it was never little, and it will never end until he manages to realize the error of his ways. I lost hope in humanity really,someone could just prefer people who knows how to draw like Leonardo Da Vinci over his personality. Emo,what a dirty trend. [+1 Enemy] [+50% Lost Faith in Humanity]

Gone were the days.Tired I am.


This is a cat with alot of fat,
He woke up from the mat,
and he's been sleeping like a bat,
Now he's asking for a pat!

Mom fed the cat some qat,
Now he's off to meet the rat,
After waiting in the hat,
He finally got some chat!
(And the cat is a democrat!)
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Once again,I escape another tyranny! Sorta,I've just change school recently. The idea hit me sorta around Chinese New Year.Wonderful I say,wonderful! No more bigotry,hypocracy and definately no more these bastards to harrass me now.

It's the most wonderful news I've received since I taken the Siegfried Oath totally spoken in bad German with Andy last year!I've really can't wait to get my form stamped,my files retrieved and my joy spread around in a greener pasture! Still,I'm gonna miss these guys.NOT. I totally hate them,screw them in hell!HAH!

Now,I really really hope I can stabilize my position in the new school,especially my social network,it's been 7 months I've in a huge social depression at home.Furthermore,please,no more insanity popping up,it's already March....I need to get my groove back on.Any advice?
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When Love Is The Missing Word.

More like sex actually,yeap,sex sex sex,that's what we all dread when we're kids,I remember when I saw boobies and dicks and I went :"OMFG NO FUCKING WAY I SEX"

And look at me now,I'm so fucking desperate for him,not him,IT,DESPERATE FOR IT,him can be many people if I were to--Hey,get on the track!

Anywho...I'm desperate for someone of my type,you know,skinny,thin,nice arse and all that,abit of good looks and I'll take him to heaven 5 times again and make sure he stays there while I sharpen my hook once more!!

Man....I wish I live alone or something,I just....-boom
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Magic Kittens


[Wish I had coffee here...I ain't so recharged like me last journal]

Four Scores and Eleven Years ago,our ancestors discovered.....FETISH!Ya hear me right!FETISH!BOOYEAH!

Think I'm going to tell you about it?Psyche! No way man!BUT! (Oh the lovely or oh so devastating Butts!I mean but!)

For this post....I'm telling you about me libido here.

You see folks,I'm into girly guys alot and I ain't going for any 40 year old white guy prancing around in a Russian made ballerina suit thinking he's oh so pretty and oh so gay!NO!THAT IS WRONG!I like girlyguys with a lovely girly taste,I met a few in real life;Do you ever get the idea and the sensation?The lovely electrical zest surging through every vein in your body?Truth be told,I wish I would smooch that guy and take him to heaven 5 times a day.

But I can't,really...though I just wish me boyfriend is,you know...girly features,face oh so cute,voice is so schoolboyish and lovely hair to boot.Sadly,he ain't,not that I complain anything about him and all it's just that I wish he's like that you know,I wouldn't have to go through ads online looking for these one of a kind lovelies of Mother Elizabeth Nature and showing them some funky 70's time.

I remember my first sight on those girlyboys...wish I could've be with him you know.I ain't going through lots of messy details like you perverts are waiting for me to write,nope,though I'll love to say,I wish I could shag them like Shaggy and Scooby!(Now that's just so wrong...)

Still,not that this is a suggestion or anything,it's more of a request...any cute girlybois in KL and so tempted to get it all on fours with me?!?!

Ian: Now that's a mouthful,Dobb...


(Anyone or any KL-ite going to Muse concert at Stadium Negara?PLEES BRING ME TOO!)
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Is there any wonder?



Not that I need some attention...ho wait,I DO,GIVE ME SOME LOVE YO!?!

Does anyone know I'm so isolated by my studies and work now?Here's a list of people whom I so dying to talk to and know them better...well on AnthroAsia anyways,sorry foreigners =P

1.KaiYarfer McWhitewolf
2.NightStalker (Set Phasers to *Bzzzt*)
6.Curry Kari Hikari (Yum)
8.GiantTunaEatingkitty (YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!)
9.JuliusOrangeBlueWolf (Wherever you are,EMail me man!Will love to hear from ya again!)
10.FongFoongFangFeng & MAXimumMinimum

[Jackalkun is partly in AA,I would so definately go,OHMIGOSH,WHERE IS HE NOW?]
[Stay safe pal,show 'em what you got in Ivy League!]

As for me...

German class begun,I'll probably gotta attend a week long tuition for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong while,assembling and organizing a fund raiser for me so I can establish my society,learning to play basskats,writing short stories for me school club,joining the Chess Team and it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

Epic Movie got some copywronging,Night,after seeing what we did (Which is stored in my memory),I hope our jokes were in there.Hehehe...

/Nick Takecare&Bye
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WW2 Stuff Needed

I'm looking for anything that is WW2,original photos,uniforms,disabled weapons,field cap,Iron Crosses,if anyone has any for sale or know anyone whose selling or shops that do (Malaysia or Singapore only),please let me know and if you have one and decided to sell,we can discuss the prices,IM me or PM me if you need any more information.

But my priority is:
2/18th Australian Brigade uniforms (I'm certain that we got one of those for sale here)


[Disabled/Airsoft Weapons]
1.Thompson SMG
2.United Defence M42 SMG
3.Enfield Mk II
4.Enfield Mk IV
5.Colt M1911
6.Webley-Scott Revolver

Note:Either one will do. Tongue

[Wermacht or Luftwaffe uniforms]
1.M43 Field cap
2.M43 Field blouses/Tunic
3.Breast Eagle and Collar Patch

However,my budget is around RM500 or 130 USD,working hard to get some more cash here. Big smile
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Move on,Bobby.

2006 is definately not one of my best years.I doubt 2007 can be better.

Everyone's moving on with their lives now,everyone,people whom I know and care,I've been growing isolated and I feel I should follow the people I love like a puppy.Everyone is already packing up and going for a better life,I wish to be part of it,to change and to lead a life that I wanted it to be.

I really want to move out to a place of my own,to enjoy college life since it's far off better than secondary school,I really want to be alone in a quiet old apartment somewhere in the suburbs of England or in Germany....anywhere but here,anywhere but my family,anywhere but my current life,I want to be far off from that but I can't.I couldn't,it's not that I don't want to but it's just I can't,I'm going to face another year of torture,more suffering than the other since it's SPM,I'm going to be as stress as Thomas Edison in a henhouse.

Moving on,they told me to move on,2007 is going to be a better year.Gentlemen,ladies,homosexuals and transexuals,cowboys and Hugh Laurie fanbois,understand me this,within that school wall is hell,hell on Earth,hell within hell itself,even Dante might shock himself upon it's discovery.I believe no one,I mean not a single soul from Bukit Bandaraya is going to read this,so I shall say it here.

You. All. Suck.

3 words,simple and efficient.Never in my life I've seen such disgrace to humanity,even Saddam can be a better person within that walls than the students there.I really had to deal with hypocrites,I had to deal with idiocy and republicans,I had to deal with drama queens and kings,I had to deal with liars,cheaters and godforsaken homophobes,I had to deal with emo fucks and punks who thinks they're fashion queen/kings while they're goddamn whoring themselves up.Why is it that every chance,to make friends becomes a chance to make enemies.They're not human beings,I tell you.They are not.

I suffered enough,leave me alone,just do it,for the sake of your religion,for the sake of your God,stop this senseless torture to me.

However,not all is just in or about school and it's demonic inhabitants.

To this day here,I cannot define what is the relationship between me and Andy,they call it online dating,or cyber-love,sorta.It's going to be a year in 3 days.My life's going really tough this year,and he's just can't try any harder to ease my burden,unfortunately,he's just making it worse,I am no more Dobb nor Bobby here,I feel like I'm no longer exists as a whole.We do not have sex life,we do not have hugs nor kisses unless it is written and type online or on the phone saying it.I'm more than tired to go online at 3-4pm,sitting in front of the PC,chatting till late night at 5-6am.I'm wasting my time I think,I should've go to the mall with him,window shopping,coughing up some cash to sit around DeliFrance drinking some Espresso and enjoying it.I can never done that,you see,I can never,unless it's in 2008.Why can't I just have it now?I'm wasting my time,2 years so that I just enjoy going to the mall when I can already plan to live oversea with him and getting ourselves stable economy and living happily ever after.Something I had to wait.

Everyone's moving on now.They all are going to better places,got a better life.As for me,another year....another year of hell,with extra test (SPM) on the side like potatoes.


I'm not okay.

Another year...2007,last year in secondary school.I hope it goes well.

And he's drunk......a drunkard as a father..how could that be good?
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