August 27th, 2007


I'm so dead. You heard me, I'm dead. In a way, my spiritual essence has taken the booters and I'm now uber sick.

Went to the doc's today, I've been diagnosed with Cold Sore and Severe Acne problems. Not only that, I've been into stress quite heavy lately, that's the cause,according to what the doc said. He was right, I am really stressful, I just didn't know it. Told me to take pills for 5 days,5 times a day and half a pill for each intake. Total up to 25 tablets but 50 half tablets. Later on I asked him on my acne problems, man,the dude told me that I can't cure this acne with just over the counter pharmacy meds. No can do he said, so I've been prescribed for Doxycycline and Benoxyl Peroxide 5% again. 3 to 6 months. Let's hope it all works out before SPM. I don't want to look like Mr.Pimplehead during the photoshoots.


I need to withdraw from the cyberworld.

/Sign out.

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