April 10th, 2007

Shota no more by Dobb Thomas (Tan)

Once upon a time,there was a boy who had an enchanted life. He live through many worthy and insatiable periods in his lifetime.

One day,he grew a year older and ponder:

How different am I this year?

The only thing in his mind now is,his raging hormones asking for sex or his raging hormones desire to enjoy his birthday by cruising the local gay strip.


I'm available this week,especially the weekends when my parents aren't around. So do hook me up eh? And I wonder what to get this year.....Bass Guitar? Upgrades for PC? New scanner and Tablet? What treasure lies ahead of me? Oh the choices....

But have you really ever wonder,what does one year older mean to you? A faster time for you to go to the heavens? More maturity? More experiences? A longer length of penis? Nope,I'm a step closer to college,baby!

Well,that's about it,Happy Birthday to me. :D

I feel like apologizing and mending my broken friendship with my enemies but they're unwilling to listen and compromise. :(
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