March 2nd, 2007


Once again,I escape another tyranny! Sorta,I've just change school recently. The idea hit me sorta around Chinese New Year.Wonderful I say,wonderful! No more bigotry,hypocracy and definately no more these bastards to harrass me now.

It's the most wonderful news I've received since I taken the Siegfried Oath totally spoken in bad German with Andy last year!I've really can't wait to get my form stamped,my files retrieved and my joy spread around in a greener pasture! Still,I'm gonna miss these guys.NOT. I totally hate them,screw them in hell!HAH!

Now,I really really hope I can stabilize my position in the new school,especially my social network,it's been 7 months I've in a huge social depression at home.Furthermore,please,no more insanity popping up,it's already March....I need to get my groove back on.Any advice?
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