February 11th, 2007

When Love Is The Missing Word.

More like sex actually,yeap,sex sex sex,that's what we all dread when we're kids,I remember when I saw boobies and dicks and I went :"OMFG NO FUCKING WAY I SEX"

And look at me now,I'm so fucking desperate for him,not him,IT,DESPERATE FOR IT,him can be many people if I were to--Hey,get on the track!

Anywho...I'm desperate for someone of my type,you know,skinny,thin,nice arse and all that,abit of good looks and I'll take him to heaven 5 times again and make sure he stays there while I sharpen my hook once more!!

Man....I wish I live alone or something,I just....-boom
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    E Nomine- Vater Unser (Radio Edition)