January 19th, 2007

WW2 Stuff Needed

I'm looking for anything that is WW2,original photos,uniforms,disabled weapons,field cap,Iron Crosses,if anyone has any for sale or know anyone whose selling or shops that do (Malaysia or Singapore only),please let me know and if you have one and decided to sell,we can discuss the prices,IM me or PM me if you need any more information.

But my priority is:
2/18th Australian Brigade uniforms (I'm certain that we got one of those for sale here)


[Disabled/Airsoft Weapons]
1.Thompson SMG
2.United Defence M42 SMG
3.Enfield Mk II
4.Enfield Mk IV
5.Colt M1911
6.Webley-Scott Revolver

Note:Either one will do. Tongue

[Wermacht or Luftwaffe uniforms]
1.M43 Field cap
2.M43 Field blouses/Tunic
3.Breast Eagle and Collar Patch

However,my budget is around RM500 or 130 USD,working hard to get some more cash here. Big smile
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