November 23rd, 2006

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I see London,I see France,
I see Andy's Underpants-err wha?

No,I didn't see his underpants,nor his "thing",err,I lied about that.Over the past few months,I've been thinking,thinking about my life,my love,my lame-o friends and all the other L-anthros and the shizzos.Perfectly sane,yeah,sane about what?Insanity is what kept us awake at times,especially like what it happened just now,wouldn't say just now because it was around 2 hours ago,yeap,I suck at time telling.REJOICE!

As far as I'm concerned,becoming piss about something you wish the good things should've happened to you a loooooooooooooooong (Reference to Looooongcat of 4chan) time ago,to be pissed at that,oh I don't know really,I've gone the wrong end of the argument with Andy recent,couldn't tell you how angry I was,not sparing his 9 cat lives,giving him a chance to breathe in and let loose the raging grip,but nah,I didn't do that,I LOVE to push him further,breaking the boiling point.

Duty,responsibility and trust.The three fundamental rules of being a leader,these are the foundation of what we the humans call,the basis of human leadership.When you lack one thing,you'll let the civilization crumble beneath your paw like it's some tiny little building in your hands and you can SQUEEZES it like a HUGE OVERWHELMING MACRO FUR!!!
Things could've been better on,Andy as the admin and all,I understand his predicaments,his burden of being the admin of such a piece of culture in this setback country of mine.Things should've been better,given the duration of time,the amass resources you have,and trustworthy people,you could've done something none of us are born or ready to do.But you didn't,or yet to do.

I usually don't blog about no local AA thing,cause it can give me headaches.

Andy's not doing a pretty good job at maintaining order and serenity on the forums,no doubt it's my fault anyway,pulling him back and letting him neglecting his duties,and as for order,I think that's where we seriously fucking blew it up,sexual oppression,Jesus Christ,look at us,a bunch of homosexuals who's sniffing other people's ass to make sure is it okay to get it sodomized,I ain't against no homo or gay thing but com'on,keep it quiet here,I've seen people posting saying:

I don't want no anal sex cause I'm straight and you guys shouldn't be sniffing my ass for a chance to have penetrative sex.

I'm being harsh but,yeah,pretty much that's one thing.Two,things are gettin' abit bored down 'ere.We got the same contents over,and over even looking at V for Vendetta 999,999 times and watching him waving his black gloved hands to the cresendo are better than posting on AA.

Three,I think 4am is becoming my active time,cock-a-doodle-do?

Goodnight faults,err I mean folks.

But before I go....a presentation on Hamlet,by kitties.

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