November 6th, 2006

Schools out?

Perhaps so,I took my chance to leave early,maybe 2 weeks earlier,couldn't stand the school,you got hypocrites,lunatics and assholes everywhere,not to mention weirdos with a fetish of getting picked on and craved for abuse,sadism I guess.

I actually put alot of hope for this school,since day 1,I thought,a new school,I can sure control this lot,maybe I was being overconfident or underestimate the place,given a chance,I'll gladly move back to my previous school,well,the previous,previous ones anyways,Saint Thomas,I feel like regretting it but I shan't do so,I don't like having to be bit in the arse...

My mental and emotional condition has been..declined drastically.Jesus,when you think these guys will leave you alone,I thought they actually do but no,they're abit cunning,spreading false rumors,inflicting damage by annoying your ally,or having your friends betray you...

It's just more than demoralizing,it's quite hurtful,nevertheless,I'm still trying hanging....but their presence alone is already giving you that Fear,That Fear which keeps you from having people by your side and fight back.

Ignoring them?While you fear them?Quite hard I say,a guy like me really takes some time to ignore someone.

But at's out...
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