May 20th, 2006


So where to start....?Hmm,maybe after moving to this new hell hole of mine...

Was around March I enrolled into this school...everything went weird...goes wrong on the first day,and getting worse on the second.The first day,I shall say,I get a very unwelcoming look from those bastards in the class.Again,I am like a lost puppy in a wolves' lair.They snickered and gossip about me.I care less.After having to meet the most psychotic man on earth,I felt like dying,he walks up to me,bang the table with his hammer,and shout at me,WHAT IS FORCE?And he shuffle my stuff around,messing up my table.I don't understand if he did this on humourous purposes or perhaps,unwelcoming gesture.His eyes staring at me,shiver went down my spine,my mind was however blank,fear was surfacing,and now,it finally had.The continuing day was less chaotic but still destructive,after suffering a full blown embaressment from a PJ teacher (He pulled my tracksuit down to reveal my dandies) I had been retaliated with this bunch of goon squad who's now my secondary target,I had scolded a gal from the next class because of her "invite" to join the interact club,as far as I know from my previous school,all interact clubs suck the pocket money out of you.I refused her generosity but she was enraged,she said "You don't have to be angry mah..." What a bitch,the goon squad then warn me that since I'm the new kid,they gave me a warning,heh,they don't know who they're talking to,but from that moment on,I know who are my secondary targets.

Days passed and things were quite normal,me and Kyuu was in the mall and met with my best pal of mine,he was great,despite the fact we got into a helluva lot of trouble together,stealing phones,threaten other people,money and stuff like those,I don't normally do those but I'm doing what to survive there.So I thought I was relieved to hear that the other school (AP) and my old school (ST) helped me by providing my cover and safety,I would not get whacked under any circumstances,but sadly,they forgot to add torture,from there on,that son of a bitch and his goon squad now teases me,annoys me by slapping me with the tie or maybe throw pen caps at me and later claim that he didn't do it,bastard,I'm not blind damnit.

I met a guy who was a great friend of my best pal's buddies,he hooked me up with him and now,I got a great ally but sadly,he was now an exile from the goon squad,yes he's kinda like the deputy,now,we're both their targets.I am now in a hazardous position.But overall,I made it most alive,they tried to plot to get rid of me,if not,just whack me.And after what I gather,the other school (AP) had bailed on me,now it's 1:2 and I am so doom.

But during those moments,a test had commenced,and during the test,the psychopath entered my class,he seemed calm...he walked around the room,surveying the place,and he walked up to me and ask me why I transfered to this school,I explained everything to him,and he warned in a calm way,to cut the hair short.Because I do not know his characteristic,I ignored that warning,hell is about to break lose.

Tuesday morning,after the March test,we assembled in front of the physic lab,he then started shouting at me...punishing me to stand under the sun,the intensed heat was burning me but I managed it,some scatters of cloud did provide me cover but after a while,he came out,asking me AGAIN why I came here,I said I the same thing,he refuses to believe and said that I am coming here to cause trouble,whoa,that's too much,the school I was in before was really horrible and since this school had IT as the course,I decided to move here,being a troublemaker is the least on my list.

"I admit my hair is long,I did not cut it because I had forgot,but why do you keep accusing me of being a troublemaker?It makes no sense at all!"

He smiled and his arms folded,entering the lab and shouted to all the students....


Whoa,what the hell?After one hour and 20 minutes of standing under the scorching rays,I entered the class.The class followed by a mathematic modern teacher,he resembles your average Chinese teacher,except that he dressed as a cowboy from a very wrong western movie...nontheless,he came to me and said

"Just because you're a new boy don't mean you do not need to do my homework."

I nodded and apologized but that hit me,one whole book of homework to do,my laziness kicked in and I skipped the work ever since.

And the last thing in March that happened,a troll sprout out from no where and now,discrupting my life,ever since I met him,my life is now full of phonecalls and SMSes,everyday he'll call,I don't mind abit of chatting but somehow,he got a LOT of questions to ask,everyday the same thing,asking me how to create a server or how to hack,how to do photoshop or Illustrator,begging me to go to his house and help him...AS IF!I don't have all the time in the world to just teach you all my technological knowledge,learn it yourself!From then on,I skip his calls at every time,he can call up to 20 times in 5 hours!SMSes flooding my inbox,I had to accidentally deleted Andy's message...he's gone too far and that's not all...
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In April,things had gone worse than before,it's a month filled with hatred and deciet,nothing good had come out of it despite my wishes I made during my birthdays...

During assemblies,that psychotic son of a bitch will certainly sneered me,I just looked in fear and dismayed,he just sniggered...That psyhotic jackass keeps tearing me apart,barrage after barrage of insults he bombarded to me at every class,I grew so ever weaker,thinner and broken.Examples of his insults may vary,depending on his mood,but about 9 in 10 classes we had,he always had bad mood,it's really a rare occasion to find him combing his hair neatly and speak with a soft voice.

"You know arr,that Sunday I was in the mall,I saw Mr.Tan here wearing like the head of the samseng,his hair long like hell ar,his hair now is just a disguise,you see lah,during Sunday or any day if he goes out,he'll certainly be a huuuuuge TROUBLE MAKER!"

"Mr.Tan here has the looks that people hate,he tries to make himself more handsome,but always make himself more damn UGLY,he looks worse than Jackie Chan,EVEN JACKIE CHAN IS MORE HANDSOME THAN YOU,MR.TAN!"

"When I was in the restaurant that day,I saw someone who gave me the shock of my life,Mr Tan here distributing LOAN SHARK CARDS TO PEOPLE!Sticking in on the car window panels,on the doors of the houses and day arr,POLICE WILL CATCH YOU!"

That's just around 1/5 of his insults,I could drag on but you probably know the point,none of it,is true,even during my days at that school,I never done such a thing,I never hung out with gangsters or even doing any illegal activities....except selling CDs,illegal ones.Those insults really really get to my nerve,I couldn't do anything,almost everyday of my time online was used to plan the attack on this psychotic son of a bitch.And now,he's my primary target.

As for the troll.....there's two right now,one Chinese (The first one) and now the second,a Malay who spreading false rumors about me burning CDs really cheap and he's receiving all the work orders himself without consulting me and now,I download musics to one CDR that sells RM3,what the fuck can I do???He then persuaded me to burn him some animes for him,which I did,and now,I had stop supplying to that mother fucker,money wasn't paid and there is no gratitude given.What a fool I have been,persuaded by an imp.And the other one,had finally gone worse.He started being the drama queen and now gossip on me.

I took the job with the graphic editorial group,the organization was a mess and now reshuffling,kicking out old members and bringing in the new.There are indications that I might be selected to be the head of the whole group that represent the Form 4 section,but because of this asshole...yes,another one emerged,Calvin was his name and he was selected,well,no doubt about it,being the son of that physic jerkoff,anything is possible to throw me off course in my life.

After receiving orders about my involvment in the yearbook designs,we were to have meetings at the member's house,sadly,the first meeting was with this troll,YES THE DAMN SAME TROLL!I was so dissapointed,but I managed to avoid him and his crap,by pretending I was sick.I feel like quitting the damn thing,my would-be position has been taken by a untalented bookworm and facing that shithead troll.

While I was facing dissapointment with my extra-curicullar activity,more problem arises,my IT teacher was really a snobby bitch,just because I'm SO advanced than the other students doesn't make me a boastful person,she threatens me to get out of the Comp. Lab if I do it again,just because I do things faster,just because I folded my arm and ignored her usual crap about "I'm not gonna teach you the basics of computing like Words or Excel". She just droned on and on until remaining 15 minutes of class THEN she started to teach....Words or Excel,ironic,ain't it?

And my time with this math modern teacher of mine is really gone bad.I followed his directions,his teachings and his notes and yet,he says he's no satisfied and now I'm his "Most Troublesome Student".Great,more shit to deal with.

I might continue the rest later,sleepy now.
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