May 17th, 2006

Worst day =.=

Actually,I never wouldn't have thought a day like this could have go wrong,bah,that's what I thought. >_>
In school,I got caught by the teachers for cheating the Moral test,yeah,we gotta take those kinds of test,where's the morality?Anyways,I'm not sure what would happen to me really,I really don't know,I just hope and pray that nothing really bad like calling my long as my mom and dad doesn't find out,I'm safe,I can take the caning and lecturing...but parents,I don't wanna tell them.

Later on,mom told me that the car has been totalled,the driver's door has been kaput.She left the door open and the car roll down slope,the door knocked the pole and now,the whole tent (that shelters the car because the recent heatwave) went down,the car then rammed into the gate,splitting the machine that opens the auto gate apart,and the car is now...

Apart from that,I almost lost the kittens...
I don't really write rants,but...what can I do?There's alot of bad stuff that happened recently too,I'm just too lazy to type it all out.