December 22nd, 2005


The Day of Judgment, which lies on the date of 22nd where my fate will be sealed at the mercy of the education department, a ticket to joy, or a ticket to death.
I pray constantly to God and begging the Lord’s help, only time can tell, and if I am good enough, He shall grant me that wish, if I am not, The Lord might see my in Hell with all of my devastated remnants of myself.
There is no such feeling as this, I had it once, but I didn’t had this big before, there is no telling what might be of my results, a good result, a moderate result, a bad result, or a body bag for me. It may sound silly and absurd that I should take my life away because of a bad result,but to me,it sound too true, the Lord,please,everyone is counting on me,I did my best in that final hour,please,my effort,I put so much,so much thinking,so much writing,so much pain and sweat,please help me archive that goal.It’s not hard,just give me a moderate results,I am happy,with a result of 5 As,I will jump up with joy and glee,please,God,I pray deep in my heart that you’ll do,I know many people like me are praying to you too.

I will face judgment with a broad smile, clean self, and a cheerful thought that I am to succeed, if I think of failure, I quickly withdrawn myself and slap my face.

And that was how I felt lastnight.
Today,on this very day,I face judgment,I vomit this morning,nervous breakdown.

I don't have the mood for breakfast,the look of noodles reminds me of my intestine...
So I didn't ate,I sit inside the car,praying that the luck that people had gave me is enough.

My name?My name!
Have you got the Clearence sheet?
I went

So I go...Damn!
Again,nervous,I ran to the office and apply for it.
50 Cent fee and write my details.Done,signature and then....
6As and 1B.
I leap.
Joy and happiness's tears drop down from my eyes.
This is a stepping stone to my further success.
Grant it.
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