December 15th, 2005

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I lied again,for the sake of my friend,I lied again,it's been 13 years of lying.I lied because I don't want my friend to feel sad and depress tomorrow during her presentation,why do I lie?

I thought at least lying would make people happier,indeed it does,but I feel worst,I can't take it anymore,why do I lie you say?

I've been drawing for a year now.Now....the more I draw,the more upset I gets.I shouldn't be in art for God sakes.Worthless piece of shit,of all I drawn,no one gives a damn,no one gives a word of appreciation or thanks or whatever,they don't care,fate is cruel,life is shit.

I guess I shouldn't be even draw,curses.

I feel like shit now,art doesn't look art when drawn by me.It looks worst.Fuck it all to hell.
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