June 8th, 2005


I can't bloody believe that it's been that long,seems like yesterday I kick a clown's arse.
Anywho,life is getting creepier every minute,every fucking person is against me!Even my pet cat and my pc is trying to ditch me by crashing on a game I like to play,Morrowind.But I got a chance to type out my completely and utterly saddening life.
Life is like a piece of pie,it could be sweet and it could stale,what the fuck am I saying,this sucks,I can't fucking believe that there are 4 days left till school starts!And I haven't finish my goddamn project! AND FURTHERMORE,I just busy myself with senseless reminiscing like an old fart!
It's my life,and no one can understand it clearly except for my alter ego...
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