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Sing For Absolution

"You know Andy, I'll take addmaths as well, I just scored A in my maths, you can say I can adapt to it either way. No challenge is too hard for me, I might as well take geography since I totally love to know these stuff."

"Don't you think you might've gone overboard with such an idea? You're not like Nur Amalina. Even 10 subject is difficult enough for me."

Bobby, you don't really pray for absolution, did you? Look at you, you're moping around wishing you turned back everything you've touched before. I'm quite shocked at how you turned out, sorrow flies around you like imps. Not only that, you regretted every decision you made in secondary school, why? Aren't you satisfied at how it goes? Regardless, I'm not happy you chose the rebellious way for a school life, you made your own hell, you know that Bobby?

Do you deny it?

The name Roberto comes from Rome,Berlin and Tokyo, interesting fact, isn't it? It's a widespread name back in the 30s-40s when people thought that the Treaty of Axis will be beneficial to these three sides. Bobby, you know this from Wikipedia. Sperm doesn't swim into your womb while you're swimming in a pool. You learnt that from Snopes. So many things you learn, were they in text books when you're in school? All nonsense, they're like the Nazis, treating it as Communistic propaganda, whitewash, thrash that's without a doubt no value in your life whatsoever. Your friends, no, not those Muslim pals of yours, people like Ronald, Alvin and so forth, did they know what's Jewish? Did they know what was the reason WW1 was fought? Did they know that we live and breathe on mythologies? Your government is a failure at its best.

Can you do trigonometry ,Bobby?

Surely, you're doing this because after this punitive exam is over, you can go to a more perfect study environment to pursue your most beloved dreams, am I not right? You play games, you chat, you surf and you smile. The truth goes deep inside, Bob. Really, it does, you're doing this because you want to rebel against the government, for hurting your brain, thinking they brainwash kids into stupor while the cycle keeps running and going till it hits boiling point. Was that your intention to not pick up a book and read it? When I was with you during the exam period, you're blinking, scratching your head profusely, trying to figure what was the answer to the electrochemistry question. Had you not heed my advice and not wasting your 2 years of your pathetic life on games, you might've know how to deal with that question that haunts your entire life now, do you?

Did you had enough sleep during the exams? Or busy wanking off to porn and flirting with yourself?

Laugh it up poster boy of the anarchy, can you laugh now while the results are coming really close around the corner? You're checking the news, the rumors, the phonecalls and oh the blogs! You're shivering day and night, waiting for the announcement date, was it today? Could it be tomorrow? Maybe next Monday? Today!? It's impossible! ,etc. List goes on, does it Bobby? You relax too much, you think it's easy to rebel? You think a Coup de' tat will end it all? How funny. Of all the papers you went through, I admit, the way they ask was really bloody stupid, who hired these goons to write it and don't even begin to tell me how it got through the Head. Nontheless, I find the questions to be quite easy if you HAD study it. Robert, you deny what I said?

You regretted not studying for history exam, aren't you?

Seriously, you're thinking that the government intentionally tries to make you all their slaves. No comments at all really, no comments at all after you've got beaten by a 15 year old Privvie (Private Schooler) when he asks you about physics. I thought you're good at physics. Not to mention your essay suck as hell. Really, the way you type, Oliver got a chance to go to Washington DC to take up political studies because of his perfect essay. You're a joke to the world,aren't you? Yes you are boy. You are a disgrace to Father Language. See how frustrated you are? 9 Subjects you took. Malay, English, E.S.T, Maths, Additional Maths, History, Moral Studies, Physics and Chemistry. You barely survived the Malay paper, you know what they said? You failed in your Malay, you won't get a certificate, you never pass your SPM. I know it's a bunch of crock but hey, you're not the "man", you don't set the rules up, it's them. What about English? So called, British blood in you don't work, does it? I would've guessed so, you took a gamble in using game reference when these old farts hardly touched Pong in their life, not to mention you had the worst handwriting I've ever seen in this world. You'll be worried more on the misplaced punctuations than the content marks. EST was abit problem for idiots like you, why didn't you stocked up on pens? Running low on ink is like running low on ammo for your rifle. What about math? You said you know how to handle it, but I don't think you can, judging at how much mistake you did in those papers, I'll be surprise you'll get even a A or B. Physics and Chemistry were no good too,was it? Guessed you're not "smart" enough, not to mention your history paper might flunk cause your essay section was really really short, too short actually.

You think you've seen the light?

Let me tell you, Bobby Tan, if I were there, I could've owned that test like a dog turd. Better luck next time, kid. Failure is the weakness of the enemy. And I'm referring it to you.


Let us not judge it yet. We'll go through heaven and hell either way, whether you make it or not, sing, Sing for Absolution. Pray tell God had listened to your pleads and cries.

"Let me get a great set of result."

You're looking for a 5As,a few Bs and definitely a 1F. Kid, let's hope God is looking down and reading this thing.

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