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  How long has it been? September had ended, October just whooshed into Hell,November went by like a breeze and then December. Couldn't say I didn't do anything here, I braced the unthinkable, my SPM's over, I killed my German exam, healed some wounds and mend a broken friendship. I'm glad I'm not sitting around not doing anything anymore, but sometimes I wish I just do.

When do I really feel liberated? When will the marquis decided to free me from Fascist tyranny? In case you've wonder, when the big exam's over, it's time to play the Big Kid's league,no more little Toddler's baby-shots, just you,me and this field of grass over here, first one to get fucked loses. In short, the world awaits my overwhelming presence. No more being in the Volksgrenadier or Volkssturm now, it's all the Schütze in the Grenadier Gruppen. Time to bear bigger weapons against evil.

The question in mind is, how do I get liberated from this Godforsaken shoddy Prisoner of War camp? Await the B-25 Lancaster bombing runs? A little Hush-hush SAS jeep raid? Or plain ol' Steve McQueen style with the BMW? I don't know. Really, read my lips, I don't know. It's gonna take a long while before I wake up again,still, as far as I feel now, I don't feel happy, I don't feel sad either, it's just that, times like these, I should be proud that I ended my Secondary Education with ease and contentment, not to mention garner a few friends and end some horrible enemies.

Then, I got myself to look after, I get sick too easily, I'm getting pale AND dark, my face feels fat, I slouch too much, my hair looks like Groucho Marx, and I couldn't even wear a size 30 pants. I'm still living with my parents and a whiny brother whose obsessed in bugging the fuck out of me.

I want my own place.

I want my own life.

Liberation is at hand soon,I wish.

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