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Animal Violence

Horror and disgust is what I could convey my feelings. Alot of things have plagued my head these couple of days, it hurts to think, I can't stop thinking about it, worse still if my mind is blank,these...unthinkable will come to disrupt my sanity. I seen so much of it, mostly from internet and movies while others include manga and stories, for the sake of God, I'm scared, I've never been afraid of people violence but animal violence and abuse is just too much for me to bear...I bear alot of burden for my own cats,I know how they felt when one by one succumb to illness more. Just, be kind to animals please, does it hurt you to buy a dollar of Friskies packet and feed the strays? Even leftover to the puppies can save them. Do me a favor,do all of us a favor.

And to you sick fuckers,sick unforgiving mother fucking shitheads,if you think abusing and torturing animals is fun, please wait till I find you, I'll show you the true fucking meaning of pain and mercy, how could parents taught kids to kick dogs for fun? Or crush frogs or shoot at birds? Hunting and not being a vegetarian is one thing but eat these exotic delicacies is a fucktard's dream, I had that once, I regret the day I lay my taste bud on it.

What did they do to you? Hell, I want to grab that son of bitch in AA, I just want to kick his ass so hard...I don't mind being jailed or executed, as long as I find you and deal with you, it's all fine by me.

You...Fieldmarshal or whatever your name is, I known you since I joined DA long time ago and when I heard you gave rat poison to a cat for ruining your model...Jesus H Christ, my cat almost died from Rat fucking poison you sick bastard, If I do see you,remind me to fucking grind your balls before you say anything to me.

And to that bitch nurse who uses high heels for fun, hope you get hunted down by extremist animal group, I don't mind feeding you to the loins for what you did, whore.

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