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Inspiration (Again?)

    I always seem to get my inspiration and motivation from the most awkward times and places,like the last time I had one of those artistical inspiration, I was in the toilet doing something that should be censored.

Though this time it wouldn't be that disgusting but nontheless I find it pleasing to get my motivation from a game, so here was I playing Persona 3 and all of a sudden I received a revelation from my very own console! I was like, if my "Hero" is so uber awesome in the game,why couldn't I? So this whole day I spent my day readjusting my room and its furniture to make me feel someone new. It was tiring I tell ya, picking up stuff and putting it in another place, it makes me feel like I'm playing The Sims 2 all over again,only this time my face is filled with dust bunnies from outer space. I never knew a year of dust is so huge and choke-y. Now I feel less suffocating, which is quite good or else I'll lapse off with the damn itch again.

    Blah, I guess I just got to accomplish more. In the mean time, I got a few things I really want to do these weeks.

1. Fix and set up my model sets.
2. Get a chemistry tuition pronto
3. Set up a small community for furs who are interested in weapons and war.
4. Learn to play Bass. (Gotta buy first thou )
5. Brush up on my German language
6. Be active in AnthroAsia
7. Hang out with the furs.
8. Finish Persona 3
9. Make myself motivated before SPM
10.Pray. Hard.

Actually I can guess the last one is just to make the list look "enthusiastic". But meh, I'm fired up and ready to go.
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